Welcome to Marigold Acres Equestrian!

Welcome to Marigold Acres, a large facility managed by Emelia and Elaina Potter. Marigold lies on an island part of the river delta island group, which is located where the river Simomon meets the sea. The island group is connected to Riverview with a small ferry and Marigold Isle is the closest island to the shore and therefore the climate is mostly calm and breezy. Our barns and areas are sheltered by trees and woods and although the island is small it has a lot of diversity. That's why we love to call it our new home. Find out more about the island itself, about the ferry route and about the facility under the information tab.

The profiles of our horses are located under "Equines", there are informations listed for every horse living on the island. We breed premium oldenburg horses and raise them to perform but also to be good companions for every rider. We also communicate with other Equestrian Centers and therefore participate in a great Community of other breeders.

We are happy to welcome you, feel free to look around and get to know us and our horses, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Emelia (Main Owner) and Elaina (Co-Worker)

Event closed - Judging in Progress untill the 15th!

The deadline for our first (and probably last since I'm not capable of making prizes and people seem to demand those) event has now ended! Thank you for participating, your entries were overall wonderfull - but that makes it even harder to judge so please give me some time.