Em's Diary

This is the IC-Diary of Emelia Potter. Be aware of text-heavy updates, story twists and lots of clothing changes.





Let it rain


It was kinda long ago since I've written in this blog. It's not a staff blog anymore but my personal diary, and today it has to tell a sad story. Spring is gone again, the weather is rainy and stormy outside and I'm feeling kinda strange. There were a lot of changes the last time and now my only wish is, that I don't have to bear more changes in the future.



The guy I told you about in my last blog update, I fell in love with him. We got to know each others pretty well, and I liked him alot. He had the humour nobody else but me understood and was handsome and charismatic at the same time. No wonder my sister came to me one day, telling me that she kissed him and asking if it's okay for me. It wasn't, but she is my sister and I love her more than I could ever love any guy. So I said "Yes, Ellie. Go ahead if you like him." The next days I was feeling like a nut in a nutshell, separated from the world through a wall.


It saved me some time from seeing her dating Luke. Untill I couldn't bear it anymore. I told my sister what was going on. She wasn't angry. "Sorry..." she told me. "If I only knew... Em, Luke asked me to marry him and I said yes... I... Am so sorry. Is it better if we move out?" I said yes again. I would just need some time, I knew that. A few days later Elaina packed her stuff, and I could see she felt bad for hurting me. She moved to Corne Island and I was glad she wasn't that far away. "Come visit me sometimes", I said and tried to smile.


So, now I'm alone. Well, not really, I have the horses and Sven and Mickey are coming over three to six times a day, asking me if I need anything. I believe they think I'll do something stupid, but I won't. The horses help me alot although I had to let go of Ophelia. She never really acquainted with the other horses and I know, that she'll have a better home with her new owner. But King and Maggie behave wonderfully and Dusty's Training keeps me busy. We're making progress.


I'm going on trail quite often with him. He's still quite timid in the nature, but I know him and I'm sure he'll get the hang of it quickly. I also have a dog that's following me since a short time. It was a friend who send him over to me, with the words "You need a dog or you'll feel lonely." I didn't believe a dog would help me, but in fact she was right. He did help. He comforts me when the horses can't. He's a coal setter named Gulliver and he loves to be around the horses.

I don't cry about this story twist. I feel sad, but not angry. It is as it is. In fact, when I think about all this, I even believe after some time I will be happy for my sister. Still, I am glad she moved out.  I love her, but this would've been too much. Maybe... In some time...